Elizabeth Hersey Member

Elizabeth is a self-taught artist using her love and talent for sculpture to express her affection for nature. Her wildlife work is cast in bronze using the lost wax method and produced in small limited editions.

'I enjoy time spent in the studio, capturing what my eye sees and heart feels. Research is a huge part of my creative process. It's not only the visible form I like to study, but the underlying anatomy and behavioural habits, and when possible I like to meet my subject, even if it's only from a distance.'

'Each piece begins by planning a composition then constructing an armature which replicates the skeleton and skull, onto which clay is gradually added and subtracted to create those seamless shapes and delightful characteristics.'

'My hope is that the viewer imagines something living, and through my humble efforts to capture the beauty of life, they too enjoy all that nature has to offer.'

Born in Australia, Elizabeth grew up in Papua New Guinea and country Victoria before moving to Hervey Bay Queensland.

Her sculptures can be found in private collections and homes across Australia.