Chris Fong Member

Artist, Sculptor, Photographer, Painter, Designer, Social Change Activist.

Secretary: Supporters Against Sexual Violence an initiative of the Centre Against Sexual Violence, Inc. We are survivors of sexual violence united in recovery, actively seeking social change, justice & gender equality.

Artist's Statement


I know who I am now, more so than before. I recognise what I have experienced and acknowledge what I have survived. I am stronger than ever.

My art, in whatever form it takes, isn’t necessarily pretty; it’s about who I am, what happened to me and how it has impacted my life. It’s my statement, my story, my truth, my despair, my sorrow, my hope and my joy.

I sculpt, paint, draw, photograph, write, orate and create in any way that I can, expressing myself, reaching out, provoking thought, hopefully educating and healing both myself and others.

My role is to try to convey how I feel, not to dictate how to feel, and to invite the viewer, listener or reader to engage, to ponder, to react.

I am Chris Fong Artist.


Chris Fong now living in Rochedale South, Queensland, was born in Carringbah, Sydney, Australia and subsequently lived in many rural and urban areas over Eastern Australia. Exposure to many diverse cultures and unusual events, coupled with a unique introspection and keen researching, led Chris to develop a varied and distinctive creative passion expressed in a variety of mediums including sculpture, photography, painting, drawing, writing, sewing and crafter of anything and everything.

Recognising 11-year-old Chris’s talent and love of art, a school teacher arranged a general art study course at the local Albury Technical college on Saturday mornings where Chris began her studies of all forms of art and her favourite art movements of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Chris had, and still has, a love of reading anything and everything and began writing poetry and short stories at this time.

While still in year 12 high school Chris completed an external course in Interior Design run by Margaret Upton (Toowoomba) giving her a solid background in design. Upon graduating high school, Chris tried her hand at a variety of professions including a graphic designer of clothing labels at Bradmill Home Products. She studied journalism and English literature at the then Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education (now the University of Southern Queensland) in 1978 and Portrait Sculpting at the Australian National University School of Art & Design 1983 to 1984.

With a strong interest in, and knowledge of, environmental issues, Chris incorporates upcycled, found and discarded items such as broken jewellery and many other odds and ends into her artworks. She sculpts in clay, salt dough, air-drying clay, textiles, mixed media and has begun working in concrete. She creates dioramas and embosses metals for bas-reliefs.