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Cam Crossley is a sculptor and artist living on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia. His work extends the long tradition of artists who sculpt, draw, and paint the human figure and the nude. The human body is both our vehicle and our measure. Our created world is based on its dimension and capability. It is the measure of us, of our world and capable of inspiring our most profound expression.

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Instagram: @camcrossley

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One of the many things I love about sculpture is the sense of ‘frozen moment’ - the stillness that allows us to circumnavigate the moment and perceive what would otherwise be a very fleeting sense of grace. In sculpture there is a moment where the clay becomes flesh and the artist’s idea is realised. Process transforms the sculpt through moulding into waxes, which with more moulding and ferocious heat, transform into bronze. Finally, in finishing processes of the bronze, there is a point where the metal once more becomes flesh. The original idea long past, has become an extraordinary work of art capable of enduring ages.

When you view bronze sculpture you sense this timelessness – the creation of memory. Bronze is a material which embodies our humanity in a way that is enriched by the patina of our lived history.