Bill Gale Member

I have been a soldier, civil engineer, inventor and antique dealer and, for the last 5 years, a sculptor.

Engineering does require a degree of creativity and a knowledge of structures also comes in handy when making armatures and making the finished sculptures structurally sound . Yes, I know, how boring.

Monkey On My Back

Today’s sculpture can be anything three dimensional, from realistic to surrealistic and from hand made objects to assemblages of found objects. Stone, bronze, steel and wood are traditional and still valued sculpture materials and, today , a range of modern hard materials and ephemera are commonplace and considered acceptable. Currently, I am enjoying making shapes and figures in bronze, polymer clay, steel and wood. They can stand alone or be combined with objects from my extensive collection of otherwise unusable or unsaleable “antique” stuff. I do not use a lot of ephemera.

It is important to me that anything I make can be experienced through both sight and touch, has a strong sense of absurdity or incongruity and is given an appropriate and meaningful name. I want it’s name to assist understanding of the message I am attempting to send or producing the feelings I am trying to evoke.