Antone Bruinsma Life Member

Antone is a sculptor of high standards, working in marble and granite, Helidon sandstone, bronze and wood.

Gold Coast locals and visitors are familiar with several pieces of his art. There is foremost ‘The Elements’, a homage to earth, water, fire and air, four huge stone sculptures on Main Beach, Surfers Paradise. The Southport School commissioned him to do ‘Equilibrium’ in 1987.

Located at Robina Town Centre there is ‘Waters of Aquarius’, a relief water feature on the Campanile Bell Tower, and ’Trilogue’, three sculpture seats by the lake, depicting the philosophers Lao-Tse, Socrates and C.G.Jung. And within the numerous sculptures at the Evandale Sculpture Walk at the Gold Coast Arts Centre Bruinsma contributed the mysterious ‘Sophia’s Seat of Initiation’, a two piece stone installation depicting Pan paying homage to intuitive wisdom.

But Bruinsma’s work extends far beyond our own region. He has carved sculptures at various venues in Brisbane, exhibited at the most important sculptors’ exhibitions in Queensland and all over Australia and participated in sculpture symposiums in Taiwan, and Guilin Shenzhen (China).

He lives and has his studio on a large property in the Gold Coast hinterland at Cedar Creek (off Beenleigh-Beaudesert Road) on which he has created an enchanting Gallery Park, where his creations are placed all over this natural setting of trees and shrubs.

This park can be visited by appointment and on open days, one of which took place on 13 November under the motto ‘celebrating the divine feminine’.

There was an enthusiastic crowd there on this sunny Sunday; among them I even discovered a Buddhist monk. No wonder, Bruinsma’s work must touch a Buddhist’s senses, as much of his artwork has a strong relationship to the Far East, as for instance this water piece, called ‘In Buddha’s Hands’, a lotus flower in its centre.

Others reminded me of the work of Maya stonemasons and sculptors in temples and pyramids in Mexico and Guatemala.

But apart from those slight reminiscences, Antone’s work is unique, unmistakable.

Some of his mostly huge sculptures are meant to be paying homage to Mother Earth, others show mysterious links to primeval creatures, and emit a symbolic and mythological background.

Chosen from Bruinsma’s statements regarding his work: “Over the years I have learned that every project is a milestone in my own artistic development. I’ve also learned that my artwork is the strongest when viewers feel that the sculpture has made the site into a milestone for their own journey through life.”