Gin Sen - Artist in Residence Mid May - August 2022

Gin Sen investigates social and cultural hybridity through inter-disciplinary practice. She manipulates materials and space via various media and methods such as sculpture, installation, video, language, drawing, and painting.

Cultural Hybridity

I would like to use my time at The Sculptors Shed to engage with creating new work that seeks to represent cultural hybridity into material metaphors, through the mixing of seemingly unmixable materials, to show cultural hybridity as harmonious. The result will be a mix of 2D sculptures and 3D sculptures that each represent cultural hybridity.

The transformation of the materials, often in some form of molding, is presented as a metaphor of what cultural hybridisation is. The resultant artworks form a sort of incoherent/coherent mix, a sort of layered balancing act not quite fitting together but somehow beautiful and harmonious. It presents the unexpected drawn together, in bits and pieces, forming a whole item: slightly fitting but also slightly out of place everywhere.

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