Perrin Millard - Artist In Residence, May - August 2021

Perrin Millard is an interdisciplinary artist, exploring the freedom of painting across multimedia including digital, performance, photography, theatre, and sculpture. A collective art practice that incorporates ideas of the Sublime through immersion and interactivity, to create an opportunity for the viewer to have a physical, social, and or, spiritual engagement with the work. Using interactive experiences, she interrogates the shifting acquaintance we have with art history by connecting contemporary art practices with classical and art-historical methodologies. Utilising the elemental phenomena of the sky, Millard explores the familiarity we have with our natural world to evoke memory, emotion, physical responses, and to reflect on how our senses can hold onto past experiences. This constant, yet changing face of nature provides a means of addressing atemporality, spatiality, natural forces, and our place in the world.

Perrin has some exciting things in store for SQ over the next few months. While developing new work, she has also been putting together a panel discussion for members that will invite a series of cross-disciplinary artists to the table.  Perrin has been developing this forum to put her artistic process under the microscope, to openly discuss ‘process’ with other artists who similarly work across a variety of artistic mediums (drawing/painting/sculpture/music/theatre/film). While non-medium specific, this discussion will closely explore how one’s medium can affect the ‘message’, and will in turn explore the unique possibilities and power of sculpture.

 “I’m interested in a panel discussion that pertains to the expansion or overarching of disciplines, and the broad capacity of medium specificity. This is an interesting concept for me being a painter that expands work into other disciplines, in particular sculpture” - Perrin Millard

Stay tuned for a confirmed speaker lineup for the night. If you’d like to hear more about these topics please join us at The Shed on Saturday evening, June 26th, from 4pm. Venue numbers are limited so if you do plan to attend please secure your place at: