BROOKE FERGUSON - Artist In Residence, February - May 2021

Brooke Ferguson (b. 1989) is an artist from Brisbane who has been living and working in Brussels. Her work is shaped by a fascination with crossovers in art, music, literature and marginal histories relating to the ongoing critique of Modernism. Over the next 3 months, Ferguson will be using the SQ shed to make furniture from Clement Meadmore’s book, ‘How to make furniture without tools,’ (1975) accompanied by electronic musak. The electronic musak is made in collaboration with Brussels based musician Stefan Huber, composed with audio samples from a Clement Meadmore interview that have been looped and augmented. Clement Meadmore (1929-2005) was an Australian-American sculptor best known for his massive outdoor steel sculptures. He studied aeronautical engineering and industrial design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and after graduating designed furniture for several years before creating his first welded sculptures. Meadmore was also an amateur drummer and jazz enthusiast. This Sculptors Queensland residency is an opportunity for Ferguson to engage with the craft of furniture making, and create new work. This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland. @artsqueensland #artsqueensland