SQ Shed Open Studio - David Thomas Residency

Saturday 30 October 2021

David M.Thomas Open Studio 30 October 6-8pm

This studio event will preview work made by David during his 3 Months at the SQ Shed, including Resonant Form Weavings, flat works, sound and video works and non specific objects. These works have extended existing working relationships with Sarah Poulgrain and initiated new ones with Charlie Donaldson and Azadeh Hamzei. Please note there is a limited capacity for this event so please book in advance.

David M Thomas is our current artist in residence. David is using his time with SQ to continue to develop his studio practice, which is currently focused on resonant form works. These works have in recent exhibitions included furniture modifications, architectural interventions, weavings, sculptures, sound and video works. Collaboration is a typical feature in the artist's process, and his residency will continue to expand on the number of collaborators and the scope of these collaborations. Stay tuned as David will be presenting an artist talk at The Shed in October, where visitors can tour his works-in-progress.

“It is my intention to use the Sculpture studio as a place of shared knowledge and activity, as a space to develop ideas and critical discussion around art practice. As much a space for the production of new sculptural work as a meeting place for like minded thinking makers.” - David M Thomas

David M Thomas is a practicing artist who has been making art works, exhibitions, records, tapes, publications, videos and performance events for 30 years. David was central to the formation of artist-run galleries and public site projects in Sydney throughout the 1990’s, most significantly CBD Gallery (1993-2000). Recent weaving, sculptural, video works have been included in Simple Math, KNULP Sydney 2017, Real Distraction, Wreckers Artspace Brisbane 2018 and most recently Maternal Matter, STABLE Brisbane 2020. David is also a central organising member of Brisbane Subtropical Goth music collective ∑GG√E|N with Archie Moore since 2011. Recent performances include closing act/event Certain Realities, Murray Art Museum Albury 2019, Making Art Work, IMA Brisbane 2020.

A snapshot of our resident artist at work. David is using The Shed to collaborate with artist Sarah Poulgrain on a large welded stand. This stand will support flat assemblage works, improvised non specific objects and weavings. David is also working 'acoustically' with artists Charlie Donaldson and Azadeh Hamzeii, exploring the potential of an experimental pod-cast for members!