Northshore Sculpture By The River

Friday 27 March 2020


but will be rescheduled


Members Indoor / Outdoor Exhibition

"The Shed", 257 MacArthur Ave Hamilton, will be the venue for The Indoor Exhibition. The foreshore will be the location of the Outdoor Exhibition Northshore Hamilton 2020


Due to our awareness of the risk to the community’s well being and our commitment to deliver a highly successful event, Sculptors Queensland has decided to postpone the Northshore Exhibition, until the coronavirus pandemic abates.

This decision has been made to change the date only, as both we and EDQ are passionate about continuing our support for the event, honouring our good working relationship and respecting the obligation to community that we both share.

We will relaunch the Northshore Sculpture by The River Exhibition at a later date and celebrate the creativity of our artists, who have constructed amazing sculptures to show the people of Brisbane. We will keep you informed about this rescheduled event.

Julie Donaldson Exhibition Coordinator

Joanne Bullock-Saxton President

For more information contact Exhibition Co-ordinator

Entry Form Photos of the Site

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Exhibition Updates

Keep up with the latest exhibition news

Update #7 Preliminary Submission Form

For previous updates, follow the link to the Documents Page.

Conditions of Entry

By signing the entry form, the artist acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and agrees to be bound by these Conditions of Entry.

If you have any queries, please contact the Exhibition Coordinator mobile: 0419799933

Membership fees to Sculptors QLD, must be paid before submitting an Entry Form to the Exhibition.

Entries will only be accepted if membership is current.

  1. Membership Fees are due and payable before 28th February 2020. Late payment will result in an increase by a further $20 for payment after this date. Visit for details. When paying fees by EFT please mark “M” for membership fee or “NS” for Entry fee. If paying both fees together “M & NS”. This assists the Treasurer in reporting funds accurately.
  2. Every Member who enters artwork, is required to assist with the running of the Members’ Exhibition, in regard to preparation before and/or during the exhibition. Please state your availability at the appropriate page on your entry form. We will endeavor to give you your first preference however this may not always be possible.
  3. Each Artist is permitted a maximum of three Indoor pieces and three Outdoor pieces. If the number of entries is too many, this will be reduced. If the number of Outdoor pieces is too few, this may be increased.
  4. Each artist must submit either a photo of completed work or a sketch of proposed Indoor and outdoor sculptures by the due date (23rd January 2020). Because of the reduced indoor space, a selection process will take place at this time. Outdoor sculptures will be chosen with respect to their reflected history of the river site and their robust construction. All artists will be notified within 1week as to the number of works they are able to submit to both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  5. Late arriving pieces and entries submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. Sculptors Qld. reserves the right not to exhibit work deemed dangerous, offensive or unsuitable.
  6. Sculptures that have been previously exhibited in an annual Indoor/Outdoor SQ Mt Coot-tha Exhibition or works that have won an award/prize in any other art competition, are permitted to be offered for selection.
  7. Multiple editions of the sculptures to be entered should be clearly marked with an edition number.
  8. Indoor pieces must be able to be lifted by two people and be no larger than 60 cm across the base to fit on the SQ plinths. Due to the space inside the Northshore Shed, sculptures will not be placed on the floor.
  9. Artists shall permit photographic reproduction without fee, for promoting the Exhibition, including electronic and printed media. Entry of an artwork constitutes the artist’s permission for such reproduction.
  10. There will be no judging or issuing of prizes.


  1. A fee of $30 is charged for each sculpture entered. Due to space in the SHED, if too many entries are received, a refund will be given. However, members will be notified about the number of pieces selected before the closing date when Entry Fees are to be paid.
  2. All artwork must be for sale and the total price must include GST (if applicable) and commission of 20% (no GST). Payment for sale of work will be made to the artist within 1 month after the closure of the Exhibition by EFT to the artist’s bank account.

Artist Insurance

  1. Sculptors QLD holds public liability insurance, covering possible damage caused to the properties in which we hold our exhibitions. Our insurance does NOT cover the cost of damage to or theft of our works of art at any time - not on delivery, or removal and not whilst on display. Artists’ sculptures need to be covered by their own public liability Insurance, a copy of which must be attached to Entry Form.

Outdoor pieces

  1. Attached to the completed Entry Form, sculptors must state exactly how they will install works, that is, what method and what materials will be used to securely fasten the sculpture to the ground. Members also must indicate what help they have already negotiated to assist in installation of the work. Dimensions and weight must be clearly stated on Entry Form. The artist cannot leave the site until their installation has been deemed safe by the Installation Committee and signed off. Installation will be over 2 days prior to the Exhibition with pieces installed in a staged process Considering the mechanical assistance required. Tuesday & Wednesday 24th & 25th March from 9am - 2pm is allocated for installation of Outdoor sculptures. You will, however, be notified about any change to the current procedure. Sculptures must have one measurement greater than 80cm.
  2. As this Exhibition is being held on Government public land, we will need to adhere to certain Site Rules. There will be a Site Induction for all outdoor artists and their workers at 9am on both days by Northshore staff before granting any site access. Attendance at this briefing is compulsory before any installation commences. Any failure to comply may mean removal from the Site. Workplace Health and Safety compliance will be in the form of a short online completed form. More details will be provided to you when we are informed.
  3. The final location of each Outdoor sculpture will be as directed by SQ’s Installation Committee and Northshore staff. Any concerns or questions the artists may have before or during installation must be directed to the Exhibition Coordinator for SQ. Artists are encouraged to visit the site and or discuss their preferred position which will be considered in reference to other sculptures selected.
  4. Insurance is the sole responsibility of the artist. A Certificate of currency is a prerequisite to entering the outdoor sculpture exhibition. All risk for the artwork remains with the artist, including the installation and removal of the sculptures. We strongly advise that artists entering work for the Outdoor exhibition create work that is not easily removed, damaged or dismantled. Northshore Hamilton and SQ and its members do not accept any responsibility and shall not be liable for any damage or loss to sculptures.
  5. There is some flexibility around the movement or pruning of plants to accommodate the artwork Please consult with the Installation Committee, so that approval is sought from Northshore Hamilton staff. Any unauthorized damage that may occur is the responsibility of the exhibiting artist and the site must be returned as we found it. Grass is to be replaced; holes are to be filled. However, under certain conditions, concrete used to stabilize a large sculpture may be left underground to be used in a later exhibition. This will only be approved, if the Northshore staff are in agreeance with its position.


  1. All Indoor and Outdoor Sculptures must be removed on the agreed date. Artworks that are not collected when required may be deemed by the Committee to be a donation to Sculptors QLD and may be removed and disposed of by the Committee as it sees fit. The artist will be responsible for the costs to do so.
  2. Should any dispute arise for which no specific ruling has been laid down, the committee’s decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Use of Wharf Timbers

  1. Northshore Hamilton have offered a selection of timbers for use by artists. There are certain conditions attached to this usage.
    • Any timber used as a plinth, needs to be returned to the site on completion of the Exhibition
    • Less than 50% of all sculptures are able to be created out of the timber offered.
    • The name of any sculpture using wharf timbers must reference “Northshore” in the sculpture name or description of the piece.
    • Once the timber leaves the site all costs of transport belong to the artist.
    • With any sale of the wharf timber sculptures, the artist agrees to pay Northshore within 14 days of completion of the Exhibition, a fee of 10% + GST of the sale price for the use of
    these historical timbers.
    • If the wharf timber sculpture is not sold at the Exhibition, Northshore holds the first right to purchase it at the advertised price.