GENEVIEVE MEMORY - Artist In Residence, September - November 2020

Thursday 6 October 2022

Genevieve Memory's interdisciplinary visual arts practice is centred around portraiture and self-portraiture, her overarching themes being identity and the mind. She also works in composing, curation and arts writing. Her interest in trans-disciplinary mark-making and in challenging traditional visual art codes and conventions is paralleled by her belief that people have more in common than in difference. ​Genevieve's expanded practice combines painting and sculpture with fabric and textiles to create hybrid art objects imbued with poetic resonance; her textural colour field abstractions explore the inner workings of the mind; and her contemporary tonal realist portraits tell the stories of everyday people through an egalitarian lens.

Object Memory Poem was the title of Genevieve Memory’s sculptural installation made during her time at Sculptors Queensland. The display exhibited two bodies of work that showcased Genevieve's studio outcomes since starting her residency in September. The feature work was an immersive display that arranged domestic objects such as toys, bottles, books, suitcases, shoes, plinths, buttons, twine, wood, bow hair and strings. Genevieve referred to the display as a ‘curated self portrait’. Yet while exploring her own visual language and history her work also highlighted the ways in which objects can embody 'our' experiences and identities. Genevieve wrote an essay to accompany Object Memory Poem to give further insight into her process.


IMAGE 1: Object memory poem vignette against shed wall (mixed memories) – Genevieve Memory

IMAGE 2: Object memory poem, red shoes – Terry Memory

IMAGE 3: Object memory poem - Terry Memory

IMAGE 4: Object memory poem - Terry Memory

IMAGE 5: Object memory poem - Terry Memory

IMAGE 6: Object memory poem - Terry Memory

IMAGE 7: Denim works installed on wall – Terry Memory

Artist Talk: Objects As Memory-Keepers

On the 28th of September, 2020 Genevieve Memory hosted a talk titled Objects As Memory-Keepers. It included an interactive component that invited 9 visitors to bring along an object that held a memory for them and to share it with the group. The object could be an artwork or everyday object. The focus on the presentation was the function and value of objects as keepers of memory and on building community. Parts of the talk can be accessed through the document below and through a recorded excerpt available on SQ's YouTube channel. The YouTube excerpt captures the interactive component of the presentation where you can listen in on participants sharing their objects and memories.