Alceon Sculpture Opportunity

Friday 29 October 2021

Alceon Group are inviting SQ members to submit a proposal for a new indoor sculptural work for their foyer at 385 MACARTHUR AVENUE, HAMILTON.

The project has an overall budget of $20,000 and must be completed by 25th February 2022.

The work can take a variety of forms including:

• A sculpture sitting either on the floor or on a plinth.

• A work that fills the space either horizontally or vertically giving careful consideration of the experience of people using the staircase and of the stair and lift core edges.

There are no limitations on the materials that can be used but the concept should describe the materials as a response to the architectural materials of the space. Figurative sculptures are not preferred with the preference being for abstraction created in response to a meaningful intent concerning the architecture and foyer space, and reference to an aspect of the site/context such as its history or geography.

For more information, contact;

Ollie Hardt – Exhibition Coordinator


Site Inspection: Tues 28th September, between 10am – 11 am; Thurs 30th September, between 2pm- 3pm

Concept drawing and detailed supporting documentation: Fri 22nd October

Selection of preferred Concept: Fri 29th October

Final sculpture completed: 25th February 2022


There are some constraints that will need to be taken into consideration:

• Overall budget of $20,000 (excl. GST) to be all encompassing and includes the making and installation of the work, the artist’s fee (and if applicable any art dealer’s fee), any support piece for the work such as a plinth, and any special lighting the artist may desire that is feasible in the space.

• There is a small in-floor service point for the maintenance of the lift sump pump (shown on the accompanying plan) which will require occasional access every couple of years. Access to this service point needs to be maintained. Any artwork positioned directly over this service point will need the ability to be moved to provide access to the service point. A raised plinth of approximately 450mm above the floor could suffice to provide a crawl space to reach the cover plate and remove the lift sump pump.

• As the art site is a recess edged on three sides, consideration is needed as to how to clean the space back to the far wall.

• As noted above, it is possible to fill the plan area of the space if desired, and there is also opportunity to create a reasonably tall work that might be viewed over the balustrade as people descend or climb the stair. The work will need to be robust enough to withstand occasional (unavoidable) touching without causing safety concerns to the work or people, and its weight will need to be carried by either the floor or plinth (i.e. not suspended).

• The work will need to be either heavy enough to prevent any chance of theft or be fixed in place by various means.

• Lighting need not be a specific requirement of any proposal as this can be resolved with the artist at a later date but if the work is heavily reliant on lighting, this should be pointed out with the submission.

The intent of the work is partly to occupy the vacant space between the stair and lift core which everyone will see upon entering the building and accessing either the stair or lift. However, a more palpable reason is to create an alluring character of space through the artwork which intrigues people and/or gives meaning to where the building exists in its context. The work must be of high quality fabrication and, as noted, present no risk to safety that the building owner or tenant cannot control such as a child touching a part of the sculptural work. The work is, however, very unlikely to be vandalised given its prominent location and the building’s operation during only business hours