September 2018 Forum

Releasing the Creative Within

Natalia Smith

Tuesday 4 September 2018

Emerging Sculptor Natalia Smith has an interesting story to tell of her journey into the world of sculpture and the experiences and successes she quickly enjoyed.

A new sculpture artist has an interesting story to tell.

Natalia moved to Brisbane with her family in November 2016 for adventure, and the journey has been surprising. In February 2017, Natalia nervously entered through the doors of the Brisbane Institute of Art for a four half day sculpting course, tutored by Susan Kaden. Being completely new to sculpture, and working with a live model, Natalia says, “I was amazed when a face emerged from the clay in front of me, and really wanted to know if I could do it again”! “The discovery that I could produce portrait bronze sculpting pieces, that captured something special about my subjects, is still a mystery. I was transported by the experience into the world I’m now immersed in. Sculpting is more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.

Her story is of someone who stumbled across a little something within them. It makes you wonder how many others are there, like Natalia, who have yet to stumble across their little something!”.

Natalia started work on two series honouring ‘Our Australian Sporting Legends’ and ‘Our Australian Interesting and Influential people which she describes as “possibly overambitious, but truly exciting”. With little over a year of sculpting under her belt, successes include sculptures of Sir Don Bradman, John Eales and Li Cunxin, Queensland
Ballet’s Artistic Director (Mao’s last dancer), having been selected to appear within various exclusive art exhibitions, such as the Stanthorpe Art Prize and the Brisbane Grammar Art.

Natalia’s maiden journey into the world of sculpture has been one full of exciting discoveries which she is happy to share, hoping that maybe there is another emerging artist out there just waiting to ‘release the creative within’.

Join us at the shed on Tuesday, 4th September (7:30pm) to hear Natalia’s emerging artist story.