Short Pose Life Drawing

Every Thursday
7 – 9pm
Bookings not required

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Craig Fynmore
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0412 538 136

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Long Pose Life Drawing & Modelling

First Sunday of the Month
12:30pm – 3:30pm
Bookings Required

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Workshop Coordinator
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0409 449 017

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From my past to the beginning

Tuesday 5 November 2019 — 7:30am

Jan will present an overview of his earlier work from before his 'Fat ladies series' with which many of you are familiar. His presentation will include snippets from his 30 years in the Queensland Museum's Exhibition construction workshop, building his own house and workshops as well as a look at his present work now inspired by Palaeolithic art.

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Current Residency


VIOLENT MODERATION, a new sculpture by Artist Erika Scott, will be assembled from a variety of household products such as chairs, clothes hanging systems, wind chimes and resined cleaning microfibres.

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