KERES, Grahame

winsdor, art practice.


                   my present art practice ‡ works on paper (charcoal or ink and wash). Oil painting on cotton duck or board. I’ve also experimented with oil paint on newspaper. The subjects or ideas in all of art - bits of cars, the rooftop structures, the reflected icons of being urbane. my philosophy on what we hope for from art: reference, (Pablo Picasso and his painting i know as the weeping gallery director, “the painter as poet destroy form - in his works, it is what should be in ours? a pretext for the transmission of ideas, sensations, diverse poesies”. and a cultural footprint?

                  painting, a form of self–annihilation? that art is about a continual improvement, the unknowable! as sam walsh of Rio Tinto Iron Ore would say “that’s water under the bridge, there's not much point me going there.” use my own perspective when painting, take more risks – nick plowman, (brisbane artist) “my own experience, a filtered reflection of the realities (that gives you the impetus to create?)” grahame, “the big picture reality, that’s when i stop talking and start painting <– bullshit. moving along the highways of frosted glass from kingsford smith drive, the early early morning river surface sparkle, looks magical – bulimba looks like a stage-set. it’s  a landscape of spark plug, car house lampposts  and argue  with bob dylan that jesus doesn’t live in america, it’s the graffiti  bus-stop, traffic-light, frantic airport, fishing boat, tourist, fuel supply barge traffic.

                                                                                                                      grahame. brisbane. 2013.