50th Anniversary and Members Exhibition Mt Coot-tha Gardens 24 – 26 May 2019

You are  invited you to be part of this exhibition which showcases the talent of our Queensland Sculptors.  More opportunities and more prize money

Rhythm of Love Antone Bruinsma  Winner of the Shillam Prize and acquired by The botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha delighting visitors.  


Entries close April 30 2019

Download and complete entry form and forward to: exhibitions@sculptorsqld.org.au

Please Note:
Draft outline for outdoor entries due February 28 2019

Please contact Exhibition Coordinator Julie Donaldson for more info: exhibitions@sculptorsqld.org.au

Brisbane Sculpture Festival

Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens

Members Indoor / Outdoor Exhibition 2019

$5000 Shillam Award (for 50th Year)

$1500 Sirromet Winery Outdoor Sculpture Prize

$1500 Perides Foundary Indoor Sculpture Prize

Plus Awards and Prizes from our other sponsors

Opening Hours

Friday May 24th 10am – 4pm then 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Saturday May 25th 10am – 4pm

Sunday May 26th 10am – 4pm

Important Dates

Draft outline of all Outdoor Sculptures Thursday 28th February 2019 (by 5pm)

Entries close for indoor and outdoor exhibition Tuesday 30th April 2019 (by 5pm)

Bump In Outdoor exhibition Thursday 16th May, 2019 (9am - 12pm)

Bump in Indoor exhibition / Set-up & Installation Thursday 23rd May, 2019(10am - 12pm)

Official Opening in Auditorium Friday 24th May 2019, (6pm – 8pm)

Collection of Indoor Sculptures Sunday 26th May, 2019 (4pm – 5pm)

Dismantle Indoor Exhibition Monday 27th May, 2019 (8am – 11am)

Extended Outdoor Invitation sculptures selected Thursday 31st May, 2019

Dismantle Outdoor Exhibition Thursday 13th June, 2019 (9am – 12pm)

Dismantle Extended Outdoor Exhibition Thursday 8th August 2019, (9am - 12pm)

Conditions of Entry

By signing the entry form, the artist acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and agrees to be

bound by these Conditions of Entry.

If you have any queries, please contact the Exhibition Coordinator: email:

exhibitions@sculptorsqld.org.au mobile: 0419799933

Membership fees to Sculptors QLD, must be paid before submitting an Entry Form to the Exhibition.

Entries will only be accepted if membership is current.

1. Membership Fees are due and payable before 28th February 2019. Late payment will result in an

increase by a further $20 for payment after this date. Visit http://www.sculptorsqld.org.au for


2. Every Member who enters art work, is required to assist with the running of the Members’

Exhibition, in regard to preparation before and/or during the exhibition. Please state your availability

at the appropriate page on your entry form. A Roster will be formed, and you will be notified. We will

endeavor to give you your first preference however this may not always be possible.

3. Each Artist may enter up to a maximum of three Indoor pieces and three Outdoor pieces.

4. Late arriving pieces and entries submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. Sculptors Qld.

reserve the right not to exhibit work deemed dangerous, offensive or unsuitable

5. Each entry must not have been previously exhibited in any annual Indoor/Outdoor SQ Mt Coot-tha

Exhibition and works entered must not have won an award/prize in any other art competition.

6. All artwork must be original, solely the work of the artist, and completed in the 2 years prior to the

date of the Opening night of this Exhibition. Multiple editions should be clearly marked with an

edition number. A new edition does not mean a new sculpture.

7. Indoor pieces must be able to be lifted by two people.

8. Artists shall permit photographic reproduction without fee, for promoting the Exhibition, including

electronic and printed media. Entry of an artwork constitutes the artist’s permission for such


9. Winners of all awards [except People’s Choice Award] will be announced at the opening Evening at

7.30pm. The People’s Choice will be announced on the following Sunday at 3.00pm


10. A fee of $30 is charged for each sculpture entered. Due to space in the Auditorium, if too many

entries are received, a refund will be given, if your 3rd piece cannot be exhibited.

11. All artwork must be for sale and the total price must include GST (if applicable) and commission of

Outdoor pieces

12. Large sculptures to be exhibited in the Gardens must have one measurement greater than 80cm

and be securely fastened to the ground. Dimensions and weight must be clearly stated on Entry

Form where required. Smaller robust outdoor sculptures are permitted but will be exhibited in the

Bromeliad Enclosure for safe keeping a well as the fern garden. Sculptures for the Outdoor

exhibition are to be installed, exhibited and removed by the sculptor in accordance with the

Gardens’ approval or direction of Gardens staff. If on installation, a sculpture is deemed unsafe by

Gardens management, it is to be made safe or removed immediately upon the sculptor being

notified before he/she leaves the site.

13. Thursday 16th May from 9-12am is allocated for installation of Outdoor sculptures. Mt Coot-tha

Gardens will only accept work installed at this time. This is not negotiable. Staff will not be available

to approve the installation of work outside these hours. Depending on the number of sculptures

entered for this year’s Exhibition, we may have to negotiate installation over 2 days. You will

however, be notified about any change to the current procedure.

14. The final location of each Outdoor sculpture will be as directed by Mt Coot-tha Gardens staff. All

sculptors are required to sign in at the Administration Building so that the Head Gardener can be

informed of arrival. Should your vehicle be required to drive into the Gardens, you must be

accompanied by Gardens’ staff. Any concerns or questions the artists may have before or during

installation must be directed to the Exhibition Coordinator for SQ, who will be in attendance. Artists

shall not consult with Garden staff directly, unless instructed to do so.

15. The safe installation of the work is the responsibility of the artist. All outdoor sculptors are

requested to have an excellent system of stabilizing their work that has been tested beforehand.

The artist is to ensure that the work is appropriately secured in position, does not encroach on

pathways and is not in any way attached to plants or signage.

16. Insurance is the sole responsibility of the artist. All risk for the artwork remains with the artist,

including the installation and removal of the sculptures. We strongly advise that artists entering

work for the Outdoor exhibition create work that is not easily removed, damaged or dismantled.

BCC Mt Coot-tha Gardens and SQ and its members do not accept any responsibility and shall not

be liable for any damage or loss to sculptures.

17. Plants cannot be moved or pruned to accommodate the artwork and while the Garden Staff will

take all care, they are not responsible for the safety of any sculptures on display. Any damage that

may occur is the responsibility of the exhibiting artist.

18. Artists exhibiting sculpture on the lagoon must provide their own means for installing and anchoring

the work. This may include inflatable or rigid water craft or waders.

19. An ‘invitation only’ extended Outdoor exhibition will be available for 3 months to selected artists with

approval from Mt Coot-tha Gardens management and the SQ Exhibition Coordinator.


20. All Indoor and Outdoor Sculptures must be removed on the agreed date. Artworks that are not

collected when required may be deemed by the Committee to be a donation to Sculptors QLD and

may be removed and disposed of by the Committee as it sees fit.

21. Should any dispute arise for which no specific ruling has been laid down, the committee’s decision

will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

20%. Payment for sale of work will be made to the artist within 2 months after the closure of the

Exhibition by EFT to the artist’s bank account.